Vantru Doubles Revenue for Second Consecutive Year

Company Confirms Expansion Figure Ahead of Global ABS in Barcelona

VANTRU, an independent provider of corporate and compliance services, with a presence in Ireland, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands, has confirmed that it has doubled its revenue growth rate for the second consecutive year ahead of the prestigious Global ABS event, which is taking place in Barcelona from 4th – 6th June.

Founded by Managing Director, Rory Mulvaney in 2017 under the name Mulvaney, the company underwent a rebrand in 2023 becoming Vantru, and currently boasts a multidisciplinary team consisting of accounting, tax and legal professionals.

The company works alongside a portfolio of clients to assist with global expansion and structured finance, as well as servicing sectors including aircraft leasing, real estate and private wealth to name but a few.

Commenting on the recent expansion, Rory said:

“Over the last two years, our portfolio of clients and demand for our services has grown exponentially. This achievement is a direct reflection of the excellent quality services that we provide for our clients and is testament to the team’s continued dedication.

 “In an ever-changing business landscape, the Vantru team has remained agile in order to meet the diverse needs of our clients that are based in various jurisdictions across the globe. Whether navigating tax compliance, complex regulatory and licensing frameworks, or statutory requirements, Vantru has worked to deliver results that exceed our client’s expectations time and time again.”

 News of Vantru’s expansion comes just days before members of the senior management team travel to Barcelona to exhibit at Global ABS, an event that will attract global representatives from the structured finance sector, in the hopes of driving additional business growth.

“Global ABS is one of the most prestigious events in the financial market calendar,” Rory explained.

 “The global financial landscape is often dictated by world events and thus, is ever-changing. The Vantru team fully recognises the need to stay up-to-date and ahead of the curve when it comes to industry advancements, which is why attending events like Global ABS is vital, not only to broaden the knowledge of our team, but for the benefit of our clients.

 “Vantru’s attendance at such an esteemed event further cements us as a key player in the global marketplace. Ireland is also the leading jurisdiction for Special Purpose Vehicles and structured finance and given Vantru’s location and our extensive experience in the field, we hope to liaise with potential clients and referral partners to tell them more about how we can support them in this particular marketplace.”

With plans to expand the team in the near future, Rory continued: “At Vantru, we’re always on the lookout for exceptional talent to join our team.

 “The growth that we have achieved so far demonstrates a solid foundation and with a clear vision for the future, Vantru is positioned for continued success and expansion.

 “I am very proud of my team and can’t wait to see what opportunities lie ahead for Vantru.”