About Us

Vantru is a leading provider of global corporate services in Ireland and the United Kingdom. With head offices strategically located in the border city of Newry and branch offices in Dublin and Belfast, we can provide our clients with unique access to both the Irish and UK markets.

Vantru started its journey in early 2017, with the aim of delivering bespoke corporate services on a worldwide basis. We have experienced rapid and consistent growth in this period since our inception and continue to develop and refine our service offering in line with the specific demands of our target client base. We have placed a particular focus on developing partnerships with our counterparts in key commercial territories and financial centres, which allows Vantru to provide our clients with a truly international service.

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How we've got here

Vantru is led by Managing Director Rory Mulvaney, a highly-qualified business professional who has built an accomplished team, comprising experienced professionals and talented graduates to assist him in continuing to expand his business.

Rory established the Global Corporate Services specialists Mulvaney in 2017, which subsequently rebranded to Vantru during 2023.

Our niche suite of services sets Vantru apart from similar indigenous firms and the company continually seeks to expand and further develop its service offering in line with an ever-changing corporate landscape in the UK and Ireland.

Distinct cross-border knowledge and experience forms a key part of Vantru’s identity, and the firm’s headquarters in Newry serves as an ideal base from which to deliver these services.

Our website outlines details of our company objectives, the profiles of our team members, key service lines and office locations.

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